Edible Wedding Favor

Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

Favors are an important part of any wedding, as they are a small gesture to thank the guests for coming to celebrate a couple’s big day with them. Since going to a wedding also involves eating it is only fitting that there are so many choices in edible wedding favors. Many couples on a budget embrace this idea because often making those edible wedding favors at home is cheaper than purchasing wedding favors in bulk from an online or offline store.

Depending on your culinary tastes you might want to create your own hot sauce to hand out as a wedding favor. If you are a good cook and you can make a batch of hot sauce at home you can even go online and order customized labels for each bottle of hot sauce. Putting your names and the date of your wedding on the wrapper of each bottle helps you create a unique edible wedding favor idea. This is especially ideal if you are throwing an informal backyard wedding and serving barbeque to your guests. You can even create enough of your own hot sauce to use it on the foods you serve your guests in addition to sending them home with a bottle of it.

Edible Wedding Favor

If you and your wedding guests are coffee addicts a perfect edible wedding favor is personalized coffee mugs with filled with your favorite coffee beans. This is a great wedding favor for a wintertime wedding because it is like sending your guests home with a warm blanket. To get the freshest coffee beans you can, try to obtain them from a local market or vendor.

Gathering around a campfire and making S’mores is a rite of passage for so many people. If you are one of those people a great idea for your edible wedding favors is a prepared package of everything needed to make S’mores. You could even pick up some cheap wedding sparklers to make the favors even more enjoyable! When you and your guests have a sweet tooth this will send everyone home happy and anticipating enjoying this delicious, gooey treat. You can package the S’mores ingredients in clear plastic bags or clear boxes.

If jam is more your style, have fun making up a large enough batch to give one jar to each guest at your wedding. Ideally you’ll want to make a jam in either a color and/or flavor that is associated with your wedding. If you choose, you can even include a copy of the recipe on each jar of jam so that your guests can attempt to make it on their own if they enjoy yours. For an extra fancy touch it can’t hurt to tie a ribbon around the jar that is the same color as the jam itself.

Edible Wedding Favor

There is always the option of baking or purchasing cookies and using them as your wedding favors. You could choose to bake a variety of cookies and put a small selection of each cookie in each cookie jar or box.