French Pastries: Difficult To Duplicate

French pastries are considerably different from other pastries. This is because a lot of butter is used which makes them extra flaky. They also require a lot more time as well as extreme detail. This is why they are such staples in the pastry business. The French are known to have some of the best desserts, so much so that the word dessert actually comes from the French word “desservir”, which means “to clear the table”. Buying these desserts from just anywhere will not be the same, which is why specialized bakeries have become important for those that are looking for a place to enjoy their French inspired dessert. Places like Amadeus Patisserie can provide the fantastic taste of the French pastry with the atmosphere to go along with it, making you feel like you are in Paris while you indulge.

How Pastries Became a Staple in France

Chefs in France became experts in the art of pastries in the 17th and 18th century. This means that they spent some time getting to this point. The croissant, which shows up in history as early as 732 after the Battle of Tours with the Muslims. A croissant is a soft, flaky pastry that is famous worldwide. This is just one of the many pastries constructed by the French that are delicious and widely used.


Different French Pastries

These types of desserts are generally made with three items; custard, cream and fruits. One of the most popular is the Crème Brulee which made of plain vanilla custard with a caramelized sugar topping. Another type of dessert that was actually created as a savoury dish is Mousse, which is made of egg whites and yolks, and sugar. It is whipped until it is fluffy and becomes mousse. The Madeleine is a butter cake that is shaped like a shell and is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The Tarte Tatin, which is said to be created by accident, is simply apples that are caramelized until sweet and brown. All of these desserts are well-loved in the pastry world and while they seem to be an easy make, they are actually quite difficult to perfect.

Specialized Bakery

Finding French pastries have become easier to achieve, however certain bakeries provide a better experience to the consummation of these delectable desserts. Many specialized bakeries can provide just the delicious pastries, while others will strive to provide the experience you would encounter if you were in France. This can make the encounter with French pastries a much more enjoyable experience. Having the environment of being in France while eating their famous concoctions can urge you to strive for that experience every time you choose to indulge in the delicious sweets.

While many think that they can recreate the pastries made in France, the skill required to pull off these desserts is meticulous and time consuming. Those that wish to encounter the deliciousness of these desserts should patron a specialized bakery with bakers that are trained in creating the said “works of art”.