How to Use Chocolate in Every Meal

Yes, you read the title right – you can use chocolate in every single meal of the day if you feel up to the challenge as a true chocoholic! When we say chocolate, we mostly mean the pure cocoa bars and gourmet chocolatesyou can purchase from trusted chocolatiers. It is significantly healthier than the traditional milk chocolate bars you often think about when chocolate is mentioned. So how on Earth can this possibly be managed? Have no fear, we have some perfect meal solutions for you if you want a touch of chocolate morning, afternoon, or evening.


Breakfast Time Treats

Ah, breakfast. It’s a great start to anybody’s day as that delicious meal you need to have a healthy start to your day. There are lots of traditional ways to have a bit of chocolate in your diet for a sugar boost in the morning. If you enjoy pancakes, you can buy a packet of dark chocolate chips to throw into your mixture. When they cook in the pan, the chocolate begins to melt in them and you are left biting into delicious, oozing chocolate chips as you dig into your pancakes. It’s a delicious combination that works really well alongside blueberries.

Speaking of blueberries, what about a traditional breakfast muffin? (Not the English type!) Rather than blueberry, you could substitute them for some chocolate chips also and really enjoy a great morning treat to yourself and your family. If you are not one for carbs in the morning, you could always add a few dark chocolate chips to your morning bowl of fruit. It’s a great sweetener in a bowl full of vitamins.

Try out some chocolate in your cereal or in porridge oats, or have a nice warm mug of hot chocolate like the traditional breakfast in France with a slice of brioche bread. You may be surprised at just how many of your usual breakfast meals work with a hint of chocolate goodness!


Lunch with Chocolate

Now what do you do about lunch when you really crave some chocolate? Many of us try to eat healthily when at home and work, so sometimes a little bar of chocolate can be a bit of a step in the wrong direction for those wanting to watch their weight. However, did you know that dark chocolate is actually a very healthy food source? Indeed, it is noted as being the best source of antioxidants on Earth – which is always a great thing to know when looking to feel a little less guilty about enjoying a chocolate snack!

Rather than buying your usual milk chocolate bar, invest in a couple of squares of dark chocolate instead – 70% dark chocolate tastes great! Depending on how sweet or bitter you like your bars, choose a dark consistency that suits you, and let those antioxidant-filled squares just melt in your mouth. You won’t be disappointed finishing your sandwiches to get to those tasty little morsels.

Cooking Dinner with Chocolate Inspiration

Dinner is a naturally savoury meal, but have you tried cooking many dishes with a little chocolate hidden within for a little extra extravagance? Lots of savoury dishes can be improved upon by the addition of chocolate and many you may not even realise.

A family secret of ours is to add a little powdered hot chocolate to a pot of chilli con carne. It brings to the dish a nice touch of sweetness and just a hint of chocolate’s unique flavour to the spicy chilli flavours. It is hard to describe just how delicious it is without trying it yourself. Try it next time you make a pot of it and see what our family’s secret can do for your dinnertime treats. Dark chocolate and balsamic vinegar can also make a great salad dressing for anybody who likes a sweeter taste with their salad. Why not add a slice or two of strawberry to really make it interesting? The Highland Chocolatier in Scotland even have used dark chocolate bars with haggis in a unique recipe that makes you think that chocolate could taste good when tried with almost anything!


Talk to your local chocolatier for more advice on how to use chocolate as a great substitute for sugar and other sweeteners. The benefits of using chocolate can really be felt if given a chance to taste these dishes. Give it a try – you’ll find yourself in chocolate heaven!