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Markoe Bay Rum: High-Quality Rum with a Three-Centuries-Old Tradition, Revitalized and Rebranded

Peter Markoe is attempting to restart a family tradition from over three centuries ago: creating high-quality Caribbean rum using only the finest ingredients. His family grew sugarcane on the islands of St Croix and Cooper Island, in the United States Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands respectively. They distilled the sugarcane into rum and transported it to Philadelphia. They were renowned for creating some of the world’s best rum, and left an enduring cultural legacy, with landmarks called Markoe Point and Markoe Bay still existing on Cooper Island and Markoe estates still present on St Croix.

Markoe is attempting to start the family business back up again, and intends to raise the finances required to do so via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. He aims to recreate the famously flavorsome rums of old, but price them competitively so that everyone can enjoy them. He believes that it’s important that his brand is an authentic Caribbean rum, and hopes to carry on a proud legacy of producing premium quality rum.markoe

Markoe Bay Rum will be distilled and filtered several times to achieve the flavor and smoothness that are required to make it a fine sipping rum. It will also be perfect for mixing in cocktails. In a world where, let’s face it, the majority of affordable rums usually aren’t that great, this could be the brand that enables the masses to enjoy a truly first-class rum. It could be what the alcoholic beverage industry has been missing.