The Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Singapore

As neighbors in the same continent, Singapore has adapted Vietnam Cuisine in its establishments. Vietnamese food is getting more popular every day so it is about time that Singapore starts getting with the times. Although Vietnamese food is food from another country, Singaporeans feel very at home with Vietnamese cuisine due to the fact that the ingredients and preparations are very similar to theirs. Being in the same Asian culture, Singaporeans enjoy the aspects of Vietnamese cuisine that incorporate freshness, authenticity and health. With this in mind, it makes sense why Singaporeans appreciate Vietnamese cuisine so much.

Also, as the food city of Asia, Singapore spreads the Vietnamese love by establishing restaurants that serve great and price-worthy Vietnamese food. Of course, as a staple food in Asia, rice is used in many ways and is also used in Vietnamese establishments. They also incorporate ingredients such as herbs, spices, greens and aromatics such as onions and garlic in their dishes. Let us take a sneak peek on the popular Vietnamese food places in Singapore:


So Pho, So Good

So Pho, So Good celebrates Vietnamese cuisine in a new however, still traditional, manner. This Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore offers a myriad of different appetizers, bento sets and main courses. These involve many ingredients used in Vietnam such as lettuce, cilantro, cinnamon, tomatoes, rice, chicken, cucumbers, vegetables, and of course, rice noodles. Going to So Pho would guarantee you a healthy and delicious meal that has been brought to you by servers who are friendly and happy to help. If you have any questions about the menu or dishes that these restaurants serve, these people will be happy to help you look for a meal to enjoy.

With delectable choices as well as affordable prices, you would certainly get your money’s worth in this restaurant. Not to mention the way food is served in this place, it really captures the true Vietnamese essence of their food. Put all these together and you have the perfect place to try Vietnamese cuisine.

Long Phung Restaurant

Great seafood style Vietnamese dishes can be found at Long Phung Restaurant in Singapore. With fresh and flavorful ingredients, you will surely be satisfied when you leave this place. Long Phung also makes great smoothies with fruits such as jackfruit, mango, avocado and even durian. Also, the bulk of the smoothie is really made up of fruit so you will be very happy with the proportions of these smoothies.

If you enjoy tender beef, get yourself Pho Tai, which is made up of delicious rare beef and noodles. If you enjoy variety, try the Pho DacBiet which is a combination of different beef noodles. Savor the flavorful and fragrant aroma of rice noodles, eggs, beef and bean sprouts.

Little Vietnam Restaurant and Coffee

With food that is difficult to find anywhere else, Little Vietnam offers food choices that would knock you off your feet. This Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore serves various noodle dishes, appetizers, rice dishes, seafood, desserts, snacks and drinks. BanhXeo, which are Vietnamese pancakes, are also served here. Tom XienNuong, which consists of grilled prawns, Chao Long, also known as rice porridge with pork innards, and Banana Sago, called CheChuoi, are some more of the specialties of this restaurant. One dessert served in Little Vietnam that keeps customers coming back is Rau CauDua, which consists of coconut jelly. This treat is perfect in the summer heat experienced in Singapore. The coconut water in this is a nice way to flush away the heat. In Little Vietnam, these flavors are made authentic by including shredded coconuts.

Sen Bar & Restaurant

French Wine and Vietnamese food come to a crossroads in this restaurant. Traditional Vietnamese concepts intertwined with French influences make this restaurant unique and genuine in its own way. To wine lovers, you will enjoy prices in this restaurant as they are very reasonable at $12 a glass and around $55-$99 a bottle. With the ambience, delightful food, friendly service and good prices, customers can’t help but bring their friends and family here. Sit down and enjoy the elegance and ethnicity of this place. Indulge in this restaurant’s creative dishes as well as its innovative atmosphere.