Wood Burning Cook Stoves Is Seeing A Revival In Food Industry

It may need a little bit of patience for you to learn how to cook effectively with wood burning cook stoves, but it introduces a very unique and smoky flavor to your favorite foods that simply cannot be replicated by any other type of cooking.

If you have a wood burning cook stove, you will be able to produce the highest quality of food that you have ever made in your life. Several people across the country enjoy cooking exclusively onwood. The Joy of cooking with wood is something else, the smoky flavor and the intensity of different flavors melded together is something that you can get only from a traditional cooks too.


Also, there is a feeling of empowerment and independence that you would derive when you cook using renewable fuel that is available locally. You don’t even need to much wood to cook with because the wood stove will heat up quite easily to a high temperature, and then you will need only minimum quantities of gold to maintain the heat. If you like, you can split up some kindling and get the fire going in just a few minutes.

If you like the idea of cooking with wood, the first thing that you need to get is a cook stove. If you want to just test out the idea of cooking with wood, you can even hunt for a bargain and check out some of the used stoves. But if you are buying a used model, make sure that the one that you get is not completely worn out. It is important to have good grates and a really good fit to manage the fire well and to keep it from spewing out smoke inside the house. Also check out the firebox, dampers, operational vents, and the ash box. You will also need to check the oven and water tank to determine if there is any leakage.

When you buy your stove, get a big firebox because it will hold a fire longer and will be able to handle bigger logs of wood. It will also require less tending to maintain the fire. If you want to cook for a large group, you will need large stove. Bear in mind that you can cook small meals to on a big stove.

The wood that you use should ideally be completely season or well dried. Many beginners make the mistake of choosing the wrong type of wood. If you use hardwood, it will burn slowly and give out heat that is long-lasting.

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